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Why not a Florida fan base?

Rising Appalachia responded on 04/06/2016

Oh dear! The Florida Fans group is there, it was just set to private. It is now public, feel free to join!


How may I write a letter to band? I'm an Asheville resident and lifelong fan. As a matter of fact Cancer is what's kept me from the last 3 local and semi local shows. And as a fan with Multiple Myeloma blood cancer I'm trying to reach out so when in hospital, well it wouldn't seem so lonely if I had more of my favorite band.
Please help me contact the band so I may let them know personally just how much they are and have been the bright spot of my life these past years.
Thank you and Sincerely,
Steven Liebenhaut

Rising Appalachia responded on 02/18/2016

Hi Steven,
Thanks so much for reaching out. It is so touching to hear from you, we are sending lots of love and light your way!
At the moment we are a bit in flux as to where we can receive physical mail, as the band doesn't have a permanent headquarters or PO BOx (though we are trying to arrange that soon!) but if you would like to send a letter, for now you can do so at this address, and it will make it to us!

Rising Appalachia
47 Panola Street
Asheville, NC

Thank you again, hope to hear from you soon!
- Rising Appalachia